Is accounting, HR and payroll outsourcing for our company?

Would you like to have more time for yourself?

Would you like to have more time to develop your company’s core business?


Outsourcing generates time for entrepreneurs and managers – it fully supports established processes, provides adequate resources and management information, takes over risks, monitors legal and tax changes, etc.

Do you have a sense of uncertainty in the face of dynamic changes in legal and tax regulations?

Are you afraid of mistakes resulting in financial consequences?


Outsourceres has appropriatepossesses resources to constantly monitor the upcoming changes in legal and tax regulations changes and to and is able to prepare your company well in advance for such changes well in advance..

Would you like to be sure that you are in full control of the accounting and payroll processes in your company?


It is not true that by giving up the process to external service, we lose control over it. On the contrary – it is easier to control one supplier (outsourcer) than many employees.

Have you ever wondered how long or unexpected absences can affect your business?

Continuity of processes

The outsourcer takes over this risk. Such a threat does not exist for your, because the contract guarantees the continuity of service, and an outsourcer with appropriate resources easily deals with staff turnover.

Would you like to be sure that you entrust your company’s financial affairs to the most competent people?


“Who will assist me better than my employees?” – those who have more experience, who constantly update and broaden their knowledge and cooperate with experts in various areas of finance and law.

Is it possible for your company’s sensitive data to leak outside?


Customers dData protection of customers is the most important goal of the outsourcer, and the contract is the guarantee of the use ofapplying appropriate exceptional security measures for the client.

Has it happened that an unexpected and previously unknown financial and accounting problem surprised your company?

Was it easy to find the best solution?


You do not have to think about this anymore – an havingoutsources supported ing entities from many varied industries over the yearsfor many years, the outsourcer has solved many similar problems and knows how to approach them in your company.

Do you have audits from: Chief Labour Inspectorate, Social Insurance or Tax Office?

Service of official controls

Audits are always a stressful and time-consuming situation. The rich experience of the oursourcer an outsources in servicing tax and social security inspections ensures fast and smooth controlaudit.
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