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Reliable Partner, who will support your business with knowledge and experience

Costs optimization, mainly due to:

  • employment expenses:
    -sick leaves
    -social founds
  • capital expenditures and infrastructure:
    - IT equipment
    - software
    - office rental & media
    - office equipment

Access to expertise - access to know-how in various fields and the support of highly qualified professionals who will serve advice, provide new, fresh look at the issue.

Release of resources and potential of the company - processes supporting the core business of the company are transferred to the outsourcer, which releases resources and allows the Client to focus on strategic tasks and core business of the company.

Risk reduction - associated with the necessity of interpretation of the rules and regulations. BSS takes over partial risk associated with the possibility of making mistakes in the books, payroll or tax returns and Social Security (we have mandatory and additional liability insurance).

Increase safety and confidentiality of data – independence of companies from people who have direct access to classified information, appropriate data security systems, procedures of granting authorization, copies of data security and internal controls.

Optimization of processes through:

lean management
centralization and standardization
optimizing the spread of management
optimizing the use of IT systems

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